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 CR Converter [Web Version]

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CR Converter [Web Version] Empty
PostSubject: CR Converter [Web Version]   CR Converter [Web Version] I_icon_minitimeMon 29 Mar 2010, 18:34

CR Converter [Web Version]
CR Converter [Web Version]

* http://tools.betawarriors.com/ikcrc/
* Author: holyschmidt
* Type: Standalone Webpage

This webpage was written to provide the same converting/formatting functionality without the need to install and use FireFox and GreaseMonkey.

The converter can be found here and has (so far) been tested with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, and Mozilla FireFox. I have no reason to believe any other browser would not work, but please let me know anyone finds a browser that does not work.

Basic Instructions:

1. Open the report summary page for the desired battle
2. In your browser, goto "View" --> "Source" (also called "Page Source", in some browsers). (screenshot).
3. Select all html code ("Edit" --> "Select All" or "CTRL + A").
4. Copy all selected code ("Edit" --> "Copy" or "CTRL + C").
5. Click inside the textbox above and paste in the code ("Edit" --> "Paste" or "CTRL + V").
6. Press the "Convert Report" button.

There are two other options for the user (currently):

* Server Selection: This will allow different language packs to be loaded, depending on the server selected. If anyone finds errors in these, please let me know.
* Output Selection: There are currently (4) options available here, and match those found in the GreaseMonkey version (ajaxchat, bbcode, circular, plaintext). Keep in mind when using the circular option users are still required to have the GreaseMonkey script installed for proper viewing, as there is some additional in-game work required for formatting.
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CR Converter [Web Version]
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