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 Aadon Empire's Inactivity Rule

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Aadon Empire's Inactivity Rule Empty
PostSubject: Aadon Empire's Inactivity Rule   Aadon Empire's Inactivity Rule I_icon_minitimeWed 16 Jun 2010, 07:26


This is a set of formula in dealing with inactives within our alliance.

Inactivity will never be tolerated in here. We will only feed on you. That's one of the reason i proposed the Academy. To serve as the main wing's check and balance.

In case some of you will deactivate due to either RL issues or for some various reasons, inform our Leaders in advance. In this way, we could track down your Towns and check any change in your res.

In case you deactivate without informing anyone from the Leadership ranks, expect a wave of safekeeping but without any return on you. It's either your own comrades take your res or you'll be classed as an outsider's FARM. I prefer the former.

You alliance will protect you in its utmost capacity possible BUT you need to protect yourself first, no sense in the alliance doing anything to protect you if you don't even bother protecting yourself in the first place.

If you are of no help to yourself, you are of no help to our alliance either. Help yourself thus helping your alliance in the process. Your comrades welfare is at stake in here. Consider their safety!

Do your utmost care in protecting our alliance's reputation of being lethal (I'll prove to you that we are!).
It's either you'll help cover your comrades thru outclassing you in the Farm Category or you'll plunge 'em down thru a constant wave of threats. And I tell you this, threats could be avoided.

I just hope we'll do what is due to us as a promising members of this alliance.

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Aadon Empire's Inactivity Rule
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