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 Ikariam CR Converter

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PostSubject: Ikariam CR Converter   Ikariam CR Converter I_icon_minitimeMon 29 Mar 2010, 12:13

Script Summary:
Parses combat report details (remaining offense/defense/stamina, units remaining/lost, resources, victors, etc) and converts report into a new format for display
Version: 2.8.0
License: GNU GPL v3 (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html)


* Land + Sea battles
* Multi-player attacks
* Formatted report is placed in a read-only text box at the bottom of the page for easy copy/paste into desired forum/medium.
* Gets resources looted in the "detailed" report view, and include them when navigating back to the "summary" report view (v.0.3.1 only).
* "Back" link added in detailed report views (v.0.3.1 only).
* Output formats include: Official Ikariam message board, html/circulars (can be used, in conjunction with this script for in-game circulars) AJAX Chat, standard phpBB forums (with added bbcode blocks, see below) and plain text (could be used with basic "code" bbcode of other forums).
* New "Settings" tabs which now allows colors and tag definitions to be editted. This permits users to customize the look and feel of the report exactly how they need it for their forum codes.

Note when sending html in-game circulars: All parties involved in the message, (the sender and receiver(s)) need to be running this script, otherwise the html will not get parsed correctly.

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Ikariam CR Converter
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